Sunday, April 22, 2007


Would you like an unusual pet? Below are the names of a selection of creatures that are kept as pets. Do you fancy any of them? Why? Why not ?
Unusual Pets : Skunks - Tarantulas - The Potbellied Pig - Stick Insects- The Hermit Crab - The Hissing Cockroach - The Pac Man Frog - The Piranha- Wallabies - rats.
The man has two very unusual companions in this picture, only one of them is used as a pet. Is it the alligator or the vulture ?

Have you heard of anybody who has a pet ostrich? Walking the dog around your neighborhood is a common and enjoyable practice. Imagine walking an ostrich! What problems do you think you will have with such a willful big bird as a pet?

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